Faculty & Staff

The Divison of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition at the University of Florida is part of the UF Health Shand’s Children’s Hospital in Gainesville, FL. We care for patients with a wide range of symptoms. We also perform procedures including upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, liver biopsy, and anorectal manometry. Within our division, we have a dedicated hepatobiliary clinic, feeding aversion clinic, and outreach clinics in Tallahassee, FL as well as Orlando, FL. At our Gainesville clinic, we have access to nutrition services, PT/OT, behavioral psychology, and Social Work. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


Christopher D Jolley

Christopher D Jolley M.D.

Professor And Chief Of The Division Of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, And Nutrition

Cristoniel S Abrenica

Cristoniel S Abrenica MD, FAAP

Clinical Assistant Professor

Joel Andres

Joel Andres M.D.

Professor Emeritus

Genie L Beasley

Genie L Beasley M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor

Albert Chan

Albert Chan M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Christina B Chadwick

Christina B Chadwick M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Sam Cheng

Sam Cheng M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor

Donald A Novak

Donald A Novak M.D.



Aniruddh Setya

Aniruddh Setya

April Mathews

April Mathews MD

2nd Year Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow
Fatima S Hussain

Fatima S Hussain MD

First Year Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow
Hebat Kamal

Hebat Kamal


Clinical & Nursing Staff

Jen Enriquez, BSN, RNBC

Jen Enriquez

Rebecca Etchison, LPN


Melissa Orton, BSN, RN, CPN, MSN

Melissa Orton

Kate Witt, BSN, RNC

Kate Witt

Office Staff

Administrative Support Specialist II

Kate Zinninger

Kate Zinninger

Clinical Service Rep I

Sara Dwyer

Sara Dwyer

Clinical Service Rep I

Victoria DeOliveira

Victoria DeOliveira

Secretary – FWS

Anna Lu

University of Florida's Century Tower

Liver Transplant Staff

Liver Transplant Coordinator

Rachel Bush, ARNP

Rachel Bush

Liver Transplant Coordinator Assistant

April Ellis

University of Florida's Century Tower