Duty Hours

Inpatient Service

  • Inpatient service is covered Monday through Friday. One month of inpatient service is covered by the third-year fellow during the spring time.
  • Weekends are cover by the fellow/ faculty assigned to call for that weekend.
  • The inpatient service covers all patients admitted to the floor under the pediatric GI service, as well as all consults requested by the other specialties. All inpatient procedures are performed by the fellow on service.

Continuity Clinic

  • Continuity Clinic is every Wednesday afternoon, with the exception of holidays.


  • The first year fellow participates in all inpatient procedures.
  • Outpatient procedures are performed at the Shands Children’s Surgical Center
    • 1st Year: Option to attend outpatient endoscopy every week
    • 2nd Year: Twice per month
    • 3rd Year:  Twice per month

Work Hours

  • New Innovations is used for logging work hours
  • If records are not logged by the end of the week, the fellow(s) will be electronically contacted by New Innovations, with additional follow-up from the Program Assistant and/or Program Director
  • If work hours are violated, the fellow will be contact by the Program Assistant and/or Program Director


  • Currently, moonlighting is permitted beginning in 2nd year of fellowship.