Advice From Kids & Teens

When I was first diagnosed…

“Ulcerative Colitis is hard at first, like the procedures are miserable.  Taking the meds are annoying.  You’re going to be tired a lot.  Some natural choices for getting better are fecal transplant, diet, and accupuncture.”

Hospital Survival

“Make it feel like home.  I put up posters, decorated, brought my own blanket and pillow, and even got my puppy cleared to come visit me at Shands.  Bring a journal or posterboard.  Have all your visitors sign it, so you can remember the stay as a fun time.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The doctors and nurses are there to inform you of your condition, so ask about it.  Knowing what is going on puts me at ease and it could also help you.  Plan a movie night.  Invite some friends to come see you and when they are there, it will feel like you aren’t even in the hospital.  Most importantly, just relax.  Everything will work out in some way!”

“First tip to surviving the hospital is try to stay positive.  I know it’s hard and stressful, but try to make jokes, lighten your mood.  Soon you will grow tired of the same dull room.  So, try a stuffed animal or pillow from home.  Whatever helps you cope.  And don’t forget, your doctors are just trying to help, not ruin your fun social life!” 

Friends & Family 411

“Most likely your friends have noticed that your new friend is the bathroom.  Only your true friends will realize your condition is something you can’t help and they need to support you.  If there are any people who bother you or poke fun at your condition, they aren’t true friends.”